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Trickyboo Amazon Feedback

Trickyboo Amazon Feedback. That’s what customers say:

„These Iron On Patches from TrickyBoo totally exceeded my expectations. They are absolutely adorable. There is so much attention to detail on both patches. The angel holding the heart even has shiny metallic threads on the stars/flowers. She’s the perfect addition to my granddaughter’s little jeans. The instructions are easy to follow.
TrickyBoo recommended sewing the patch on if it’s ironed onto a garment that will be washed a lot. I’m hoping that by turning the garment inside out to wash, it will hold up enough that it doesn’t need to be sewn on.
The patches I ordered are plenty big for a garment for a 2 year old. The angel is 4 3/8 inches long by 2 5/8 inches wide and the princess is 4 1/8 inches long by 2 1/8 inches wide.“

„2 Patches Set Fee 11x7cm Pink Star patch Patch Patch Fabric Patch Decoration Iron-on. I bought the cutest pink t-shirt a few weeks ago for my Goddaughter. The first time she wore it she ended up with two pizza grease stains right smack in the middle of the front. These charming TrickyBoo patches are the perfect size to cover the stains and will give the t-shirt a lovely girly look! The TrickyBoo patches arrived in a retail-grade poly zip 6” by 4” bag. Both patches are nicely made with tons of expertly sewn details, tailored no-fray hemming, and a charming blend of fabrics. My package must have been subjected to a little heat during transport, one of the patches is attached in a few small places to the paper package insert but a friend told me to just leave it in the freezer for a few hours and it will easily peel away from the paper. The fairy patch measures 4.25 inches from the top of her star to her little feet and 2.5 inches across at the widest point. The perfect layered star measures 2.75 inches point to point. There is a heat-activated adhesive on the backs of both so the patches can be quickly ironed on, or for a more permanent attachment can be sewn in place. My favorite feature, after the perfect size, is the great blend of colors and fabrics that give the patches so much character.“

„These patches are absolutely adorable! My daughter watches a cartoon where this cute snail comes out of the snail house and smiles and this snail reminds me a lot of it. The cat that came in the set is also really cute. Both patches are of high quality. All the stitching is spot on, there is embroidery and also the use of different materials on the animals. The snail is a little thicker than the cat because of the red flower in the middle, it adds to the height. The back of each patch has the iron sticker material.
To apply, you simply cover with a thin cloth and press for a couple of seconds. You can machine wash but on delicate or cold cycle. Maximum temperate of 40 degrees Celsius is somewhat warm water so washing it in cold is a safe bet. Also, if you are applying on clothing items which will get washed often, sewing the patch on might make it more durable. I want to place the snail on something that my daughter won’t outgrow in one season. Maybe an adjustable toddler hat or a backpack. I want this snail to last a long time. Very happy with these iron on patches.“

„They are nice Easy to apply with an iron. Best if you stick it.
you can apply to book back or lunch bag to give the personal touch.
they have much designs available.
Use a cloth to cover before putting the iron to prevent it from burning the clothes,
They are adorable.
Kids love it

My wife runs a dog rescue and she has a little tote bag she carries around that keeps her paperwork and folders in and we ironed these onto that bag. She loves them and they look great. The patches stand about 3.5 inches tall.

„My youngest has a blanket that she drags around relentlessly. It has seen better days. Holes, rips…tears. Poor blanket! When I saw these I thought that they would look beautiful and help repair the blanket, all at the same time. They arrived quickly, and are wonderfully detailed patches. The blue is shot through with silver thread, with a cute heart pattern around a flower. It’s beautifully finished and has no pulled threads. The Purple/red patch is equally pretty, with a very detailed floral embroidered over top of a large heart. The outside of this patch is shaped like a flower as well – so not a boring circle. The patches were easy to apply – just set your iron on the highest setting, place a cloth between it and the patch, and melt away! It adheres well and looks lovely. My daughter loves her new, improved blanket!

„I got these patches by Trickyboo and they look great. They are designed and shipped from Zurich Switzerland. We got a seahorse and a fish. The patches are well made and feel durable. All the stitching looks good as well. Our niece has a denim schoolbag that these look great on. You just iron them on and your are good to go. They are washable up to 40 degrees. I highly recommend these patches to jazz up your clothes or bags.

„Cuteness overload here!! How cute are these TrickyBoo iron on patches?? First the pictures really don’t do these patches justice. The colors are vibrant and the designs are so pretty!! Each patch design is fully embroidered and beautiful!! The patches can be ironed on or sewn on. It’s recommend that if you will be washing the item the patches are on that you sew them in place.
I ordered 2P1, the hearts and flowers design. The patches are 3″ in diameter. So CUTE!! There are tons of different designs and something for every taste in patches. From boys to girls, adults to kids. I am thoroughly pleased with the design, the colors and the size.

„These are absolutely adorable! They are a bit bigger than I expected and I’m thrilled with them . They are beautifully made and very detailed. I wish I could of taken a picture but my camera is on the fritz :( I was offered these patches at a discounted rate in exchange for my review and with that being said I am absolutely going back to look at some more. I honestly and truly impressed with the quality and my all around experience with them . If for any reason you are hesitating, don’t! I’m sure you will be as happy as iam . I truly appreciate this opportunity and hope you have a chance to grab some. Ps in a store you would pay at least double for these if you could find anything of this quality. Thanks and good luck ?

„Super cute pink gingham star patches. These are thick, 2well made patches. They comes with easy to apply/ use instructions. All you need is a think cloth and and iron for the application. I haven’t applied them to anything because I am trying to find the right item for them. I was going to put them on a shirt, but I want to be a little more useful with them. I have attached pictures for you to view the actual item.

„These Patches are Really Cute!
I got the spaceship/Flying Saucer ones. My girlfriend is collecting patches for a denim patch jacket. These are a perfect addition. I decided I wanted to give her some patches as part of her birthday present. I wish I could say, I picked the ones she wanted out of all of the options. I cheated and let her pick the ones she wanted. I would have picked wrong it turns out. The patches have a sort of hand sewn or playful style to them which we both really like. They would fit right in on any child’s clothing or backpack.“

„I love these little iron-on patches. I have a 9 month old niece and this was a great touch on some of her plain onesies. They ironed on without any problems and I’ve run the clothes through the wash a few times now and I’m not having any problems. Also as a 9 month old she is very messy and all stains have come off of these patches without a problem. All the designs are very cute and I’m thinking about picking up a couple more of these for my girlfriend. She is a nurse working on the pediatric unit and I think these would be a very nice touch on her uniform.

„These iron on designer patches are adorable. Each one is at least 2 3/4 inches tall and are iron ons that can be used to cover a hole in just about any piece of clothing or just put them on and add some pizazz to your kids clothes. That’s what I did. I would suggest adding a few stitches after they’re ironed on just to make sure they hold thru washing. The colors are brilliant, bright and look just as they’re pictured in the listing. I love these and intend to order a few others.“

„These are very nice patches. The attention to detail is supreme! They look like they might be hand stitched once they are applied to the cloth. They are easy to put on. Just apply with a heated iron and allow to cool. You will probably need to stitch these down if you are going to be washing the piece of clothing a lot. But for my purpose, (I put it on a carrying bag) these will suffice just fine. They have held up well so far and don’t show signs of falling off.

„I ordered the TrickyBoo Iron-on patches for my Granddaughters to put on their jeans to add a Fancy Look to their clothing. These are a Very High Quality Patches that look Excellent and make a Fashion Statement to your boring clothing. The Trickyboo iron-on fabric patches, letters and numbers are designed for jazzing up plain children’s clothes and garments or help you make a personal name or gift to yourself. They Loved The Fantastic Colorful Patches and want Grandpa to order them some more to put on their other clothing. The TrickyBoo letters let you easily personalize gifts for birth, baptism, christening, birthday, christmas. Also the Trickyboo iron-on patches can add years of life to your clothing and repair minor damages, like a hole in the knee of your pants or a tear in a shirt. They are Great for making your clothing more durable and wearable. Patches are washable up to 40 degrees. My Daughter did Stitch her patches on to ensure a better hold and just as a backup measure to insure that the patches wouldn’t ever come lose. The TrickyBoo Letters, Numbers and Patch make an otherwise unremarkable piece of clothing personal, by simply adding a colorful vibrant and unique statement to your clothing. TrickyBoo only sells their own designs and delivers directly from the design studio in Zurich Switzerland. There is a wide Variety of Patches to choose from in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. As a added Bonus.If you order 5 or more articles you receive 10% discount on every article which nearly offsets the postage costs.I have shown them all of the patches that are available and they actually like just about everyone of them and had to tell them they can only choose so many of the patches each.If you have a piece of clothing that you are not wearing because of a tear, or you just want to add a special touch to them, take a look at the TrickyBoo Selection of Letters, Numbers and Patch that are available to add to your clothing. They are Outstanding Quality, Very Beautiful and give your clothing a totally new look that you will be proud of. I Would Very Highly Recommend the TrickyBoo Iron-on-Patches to everyone looking for a special fashion statement to add to their clothing.

„This are so freaking adorable. I put them in my son’s shorts and he loves loves loves them. Now he wants to buy more to put him on his long jeans! I’m in trouble. It is the perfect touch for any outfit. I’m going to buy the same pair to put in his jean jacket. He wants to sit down and tell me which one he wants me to buy. You can’t go wrong with this patches. I can use them to fix some of his jeans that have ripped on the knees but really, they are also perfect as a cool decoration.5 Stars: I give 5 stars to products that exceed my expectations. Products that surprise me in terms of reliability, how well they work and their amazing quality. To me a 5 stars product is worth every penny.

„Patches are a way to add some unique personalizing to your clothing. Its not like it was 30 years ago when they were used to cover a hole as now a hole is a fashion statement. I seen these set of patches and fell in love and knew I had to order me a set and try them out. Figuring out which set to order was the problem as so many stood out to me. They have a lot of details, coloring, and look amazing. These are the type of patches that can be ironed on for those of us who are not the sewing savvy type. They can also be sewed on. I personally did a combination of the sewing tape along with ironing to help it get a better hold. If you can sew, a few stitches in the patch would work great.“

„I purchased the flower stalk/pink bird (2P4) version of this product. I could not be more pleased! They are absolutely adorable and delightful! The attention to detail in the designs is incredible and they are extremely well made (no loose threads, snagging, etc.). The colors are rich and vibrant. I purchased these to gift to my niece who often sews garments for her two young daughters. I know they will make just the cutest little embellishments! As we haven’t ironed them on yet, I can’t speak to how well they do in that regard. However, at the worst they may just need to be stitched a bit around for added security. Even if that’s the case, they’re worth it for how exceptionally cute they are. I love that they offer so many varieties/themes. It’s hard to choose! We’ll definitely be back for more!

„These are great quality patches for your children’s clothing! The designs are exactly as pictured and the colors plus materials used is excellent.
If you are not familiar with how to attach these hot glue type patches here’s the best method I’ve found:
Heat up the iron to high cotton setting.
Place the patch on the piece of clothing in the position you want.
Put an old pillow case or some shirt over the patch to protect the patch from burning or turning brown.
The iron will be very hot so only press down for a few sexonds and take it off. Then maybe two or three more times do the same thing by pressing down and taking it off to cool a little. The instructions recommend you sew them on as well if the piece of clothing will be heavily worn and washed.“

„This patch set far exceeded my expectations! The craftmanship is exquisite. The patches are well-constructed, with well-finished edges. they are a good weight also. These are not your average iron on/sew on patches. The detailing is beautiful, right down to the fluffy „velour“ type squirrel tail. should be washed in water no hotter than 40C/104F degrees. The quality is obvious.
the well-defined and evenly sewn edges make sewing easy. i used a machine and it worked well, but the quality is so high, that i think hand sewing would actually be an enjoyable task, more like completing an embroidered piece. The iron on directions are clear- I just used a cloth hanky as a pressing cloth. The design is really cute, but not too cute to be limited to children’s clothing. I used mine for a customized decorative dish towel.

„I went to great lengths to pick out just the right patches for Jack’s jeans. I knew that helicopters are his favorite toy and this one is so full of color that he will love it. They are easy to apply with just a cloth over your patch and the clothing item. Also machine washable is great. If, after repeated washing’s, you find you need to sew them on, that is an easy fix. I am just hoping that now that he has seen these, he does not do any harm to his clothing in order for the patch to appear sooner. I did mention it was in case he got a hole in his jeans. Maybe he didn’t pick up on that little fact. After all, he is just 4. I would recommend this item to family and friends.

„These patches are beyond cute. I wanted to buy these for my nieces clothes to perk them up.When I was offered the opportunity to try these patches at a discount I was thrilled. Now that I have bought, received, and reviewed these fashion patches I am still thrilled. These patches were very easy to iron on and the adhesive adhered to the clothes beautifully. I love these patches they are made of a durable material that will hold up with the wear and tear of washing and a 3 year old little girl. Would I recommend these patches to other people? Yes I would including friends and family..I absolutely think this is great product.

„My daughter loves to add her own personal touches to her stuff so I thought these patches would be perfect. They’re easily ironed on and seem like they will stay. However, it says they have to be sewn on if they are washed often. if you’re putting them on jeans, a jacket, etc., you’re definitely going to want to sew them on. However, if you’re putting them on a backpack, pillowcase, blanket, etc, you probably don’t need to bother. These patches are actually even more cute in person than they are on the computer. I was pleasantly surprised. The directions that came with them are easy to understand as well.

„These patches are so cute. They are small and will not take up a lot of room but they make a great accent to any bag, clothing item, or décor piece. They adhere very easily with an iron. I like that the legs also adhere well on the birds and do not peel up once adhered. I would be careful when washing the item with the decal on though as after time it may loose some of its durability. The colors are vibrant and the quality is there.

„I got these lighthouse seagull patches and have put them on my kids shirt iron on was very easy to apply very well made durable to last greatly designed soft touch looks so good on my kids shirt stands out now he is in style looks so cool i recommend these to everyone there so adorable reminds me of the beaches make your kid a new shirt with lots of dazzle and design top of the line stays on really good after washing.“

„I have a sweatshirt that I want to „dress up“ a bit and these patches are perfect for it! I really love the owl and butterfly that I got. They are brighter looking than the picture shows and are really easy to iron on. I am sewing mine on though as I don’t want them to come off in the wash as that would make them look sad. These would also look good on a pair of jeans, a skirt or even a jumper. The only limit would be on your imagination on where you could put these.

„I got fruit patches for update my closet styles. I choose strawberry and raspberry patches because I love red color and it does cute for jackets. The stitches is lovely. Color are bright and don’t wash off after wash. The patches are iron on. The glue are smooth before iron on clothes. After I iron on, the patches stay on good. They came 2 or 1 patches per package depending what styles you choose. The back of the package have instructions in different languages.

„Very nice looking and high quality. I didn’t notice any strings hanging off the patch. The iron on glue is good quality, and it looks like the patch will stay put for a long time. Personally I like to iron them on and then stitch them. That way I know it won’t go anywhere. They will make for a cute addition to a backpack, jeans, jacket, or anything else you can think of.

„These patches are so cute. I had a plain pair of jeans for my toddler, and it was so easy to make them cute and playful. Ironing the latches on were a breeze, and she loves her ’new‘ designed jeans!

„These are very cute iron on patches (chose the hedgehog and fox), and are quite large. My photo shows the dimensions of the hedgehog and fox. The layer of glue on the back was thick, much thicker than other patches I’ve bought in my local hobby store. I just realized that having „x“ in the eyes makes them appear dead, LOL!!! The material in the fur is velvety, my daughters will love these on a jacket or to patch up a hole in their pants.

„These are so cute! I like the fact that you just iron on. I never liked clothes with the sowed on ones where they usually scratch from the inside and irritate the skin. Especially on the baby clothing. Those are so easy to use and so many options with great color combos. Fabric is soft and good quality. Didn’t have a chance to wash it yet but I don’t see why they wouldn’t survive it.

„They are very nice patches with beautiful colors. I let my son choose and he had a hard time choosing between the train and the dinosaurs. But he chose the train. They work well on his jacket and like I said, they are very attractive..

„These beautiful TrickyBoo iron on patches are so adorable. They have very tight stitching. The stitching looks like it will hold up very well. They have a very thick amount of adhesive making them adhere extremely well. I have yet to notice any lifting around the edges. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to spruce up clothing or cover a small hole.

„Incredible attention to detail! These TrickyBoo patches are like little pieces of artwork. I’m impressed with how tight the stitches are…. no concern of unraveling with these patches. The colors are amazing …very bright and rich.
I’m extremely happy with this product!“

„These patches are absolutely beautiful. They are high quality and each a work of art. They are pretty enough to use to decorate with even if you don’t have a hole. I think they would look very pretty on a ball cap, or on a shirt pocket. They would also look very pretty on a jeans pocket. I love mine.

„These are better made than I thought they’d be. The stitching on the edges is tight and it doesn’t look like they’ll fray at all. The iron on adhesive is thick and adequate. I put these on some jeans and so far it’s holding well. They aren’t very big, so for a kids knee tear you should look for something else. I like the cute design.

„I have this patch in the 2P20, and it’s adorable! Thick and nicely made, and they stick well when ironed on. Most patches will lift at the corners after a few washes, I haven’t washed mine enough to know for sure yet, but if they do, I will just sew them back down at the corners.

„This iron on patches are adorable very we’ll made and colors are bright so beautiful and well made! It came with instructions and I am having a problem to decide where to put it! I mean so adorable!
It’s bigger than I expected and very well made!

„Absolutely adorable! I just love them! The detail, the style and the thickness. They’re just too cute! :-) you could use them on everything!

„These patches are adorable and easy to apply. They seem sturdy and their colors are vibrant! Only time will tell how they hold up, but I expect they will do well.

„I just love these colorful and very easy to iron on. I made my granddaughter a purse and put them on it and she loved it.

„Beautiful patches that are really well made. Received in the post really quickly. I ironed them on my daughter’s jeans and then stitched around the outside to keep them extra secure. They have been admired by my daughter’s friends. I would definitely buy again as knee patches or pocket embellishments.“

„I bought this to be a knee patch for jeans and it is perfect. My son (age 3) was jumping with excitement and showing it off to all his friends. I haven’t washed it yet but it is a good size for an emerging hole, made of tough material and really fun. I will wash this very frequently so I opted to sew it on as well as to use the iron; sewing through the feet was a bit stiff but OK. When ironed, the patch became lovely and soft to wear. I will buy again and hope to see more animals in slightly larger sizes for bigger holes or bigger knees“

„Did the job perfectly! I had a favourite sweat shirt that I’d spilt printer ink (black) on – nothing would shift it. Only answer was to patch it! These are exactly right in size, colour, and fun! Ironed on very easily but I haven’t needed to wash it yet. I think I might stitch them on to be on the safe side“

„Great product. Sewed and ironed it on as my son is very active so wanted to make it really secure. Looks lovely and my son thinks it’s brilliant!“

„This item arrived on time was reasonable quality an was easy to stick on with instruction, but I felt for it to last I stitched it as well.“

„Arrived earlier than expected. Excellent quality. Larger than expected. Will probably purchase again from this vendor.“

„Absolutely fab, great colours, looks exactly like the picture, can’t fault 10/10.“

„It looks perfect on my son’s trousers. It is now his favourite trouser.“

„The designs are lovely and good quality, my daughter loved them.“

„Great quality, prompt delivery – A1 :)


„Lovely little patch, easy to apply.“

Fab quality item, v. Pleased. X

Trickyboo says thank you to all our customers leaving feedback on our products.

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