iron on letters smallcase cIron-on letters make gifts personal.

You can use iron-on letters to customize toys, blocks, beach towels or even bed linen by using iron on, embroidered or appliqué letters.
Iron on and stick on embroidered and fabric patches, as well as hot fix iron on appliqués add another dimension to decoration.

These fabric iron-on letters come in sizes 5cm or 9cm. We sell our special designer patches and 5cm fabric numbers to iron on.

As appliqués can be made from any design that you can think of, there’s a whole world of ideas waiting out there.
TrickyBoo letters let you easily personalize name gifts for birth, baptism, christening, birthday and even Christmas.
Monogramming children’s clothing is a great way to dress kids for any occasion.
You’ve eyed every item in the neighborhood mall only to find there’s nothing really that you can get them that they don’t already have.

We make name gifts and name cushions on demand.

While sewing the design onto clothes, we use a stiff backing as this will reduce the wrinkling and rolling of the design after laundering.
Ordinary gifts become special with iron-on letters
iron-on letters are made using various colored threads in order to create a special design or a special letter.
TrickyBoo iron-on fabric letters can be used to decorate garments or cover a scuffed knee here, a stain there.
But wait a little — there’s always something that every kid will love – a gift that has their names on it.
iron-on letters are great not only for birthdays but for Christmas, New Year and almost any occasion that deserves a present.
If the material can take heat from an iron, then these patches can be used on them.
In fact iron-on letters appliqués are great on jackets or T-shirts and can be used to decorate any garment or product.
Appliqués are designs that are made with fabric with a stitched edge, which is usually straight and are an easy way to prep up ordinary pieces of plain clothing.
They can make old clothes look new and make ordinary clothing, very personal.

We offer smallcase and CAPITAL letters.

How often have you struggled to find the right gift for your younger brother or sister?

iron-on letters