Iron-on patches for children’s clothes

We have hundreds of patches, numbers, letters, smallcase and CAPITALS. Here’s the list of our fabric embroidered patches:

1. A little monkey smiling and happy striped dress in red and white.
2. For the fruit theme a very striking pineapple with brown and gold sconces to highlight.
3. A circular seal colorful marine style with a central red anchor perfect for personalizing garments
4. A cute red, creative and fun apple variety of designs exhibits inside
5. Auto to represent action in different forms vibrant and bright colors
6. Cute yellow tractor, an attractive stamp to decorate and stimulate the imagination of children.
7. A creative tree with fruit decorations in various colors buttons shapes
8. A smiling bee in flight with its distinctive black and yellow tones that make it unique
9. Star colors in several presentations and varied colors, textures and designs.
10. A very pretty and feminine flower in pink and red to highlight their small sizes at the edges
11. Owl with big blue eyes, full body and small wings with different textures but overall
12. Seal circular shaped flower pattern and hearts in attractive colors and edges that highlight
13.- Sea World dolphin comes a vibrant blue color and big smile, heart mark and two textures
14. Dino Rot in several forms and shapes. This version comes with red and checkered cloth background.
15. Dino Stegasaurus in adapting light blue in contrast with striking shapes in the back of the drawing.
16.- smiling dinosaur, long-limbed in contrasts of red and blue, like a seal on the move
Colorful London bus 17.- represented child, tender and fun, with sconces in blue on their small windows.
18.- A happy acorn quiƱando one eye is mischievous and striking, perfect for decorating
19.- Cute squirrel in earth tones featuring happy his acorn his forest friends for stamping.
Sheltered 20.- cute polar bear wearing scarf in light colors, like a seal on the move
Elephant 21.- different textures, wearing big smile and comes in several versions and color.
22.- Strawberry checkered heart structure in vibrant red, contrasting with green and white.
23. Seal similar to abstract autumn leaves shaped and red and orange tones, a print personality.
24.- Sweet smiling fairy wings outstretched and pink, which represents the magic of childhood dreams
Fee 25.- Sophie fairy, in its version of reds, looks a nice smile and small blue eyes
26.- firetruck for children of the house, shows the highlighted feature staircase with blue stitching.
27. A small fish in blues and purples straight out of the sea bottom
28.- A funny happy monster in different colors to make it attractive and encourage imagination.
29.-A cheerful frog, realistic and funny looks perfect to wear pajamas and shirts
30.-A cute fox, patient and silent highlighted in earth tones perfect for performances in the forest
31. Striking and happy giraffe in bright yellow and orange tones in various presentations
32.- A guitar decorated with white stars to sharpen the musical ear and fun
33.- small and imaginative, in various shades and textures in red Grillo to make it a little different
34.-The monster that looks confused and fun in its abstract form and green and white
35. Smiling Indian chief wearing his crown of feathers in different hues and striking
Great Shark 36.- designed very realistic pulled from the ocean depths
Tierno 37.- design Easter bunny pastel, feminine and sweet tones
38.-light green and white helicopter in flight with a striking and fresh mix of colors and composition
39. Circular contour-Seal with flower in pink and red, decorated with a tender heart as a central image
40.-A fun and imaginative raspberry pink colors to the female stamp on clothes and give them personality
41.- intense green Helicopter several presentations, a stamp to adhere to clothing and accessories small house
42.- comic dog, sporting a big smile and brown, happy tones and staring
43.- Dog textured checkered blue, red, brown and cute button eyes
44.- Porcupine (Igel) very funny, this animal seems to walk happy and with a smile.
45. Seal in a circle (Indiamermotive) with indigenous motif of vibrant colors and bold
46. Seal of military design with star image with textures and different colors
Funny lazy cat 47.- (Katze) of bright orange tones, with reliefs on the outer seams.
48.- With fruity theme, game design red cherries with varied and different in each of their presentations
Smiling crab 49.- (Krabbe) Don pincers air and striking reds and oranges texture contour
Happy Crocodile 50.- (Krokodil) in embossed in bright green and textures in the stamp image
51.- cute cow smiling full body, with the use of texture and light colors
52.- Gingerbread Cookie (Lubkuchen Man) with icing colors at the seams
53.- multicolor Faro (Lighthouse) with different presentations, looks very attractive for its variety
54.- Beautiful dragonfly with outstretched wings and worked with feminine pink and blue pastel
55. The king of the jungle, a striking mane lion with checkered stitching and embossed
56.- A cute insect in its female version with red stitching and pink, with heart antennae and big smile
57. Miss mouse (Mausi) wearing a beautiful dress in blue, perfect seal for girls in several presentations
58.- Monster Frech in his white dots blue version, sporting a big happy smile
59.- Monster gestreift pastel colore, creating a different and rounded line to pin shirts mounstros
60.- friendly hippo, smiling character with edges that highlight the image and its colors
61.- Tierno panda with bamboo, is another of the animals in this collection of stamps fabric to adhere
62.- Pony creative (Pferd) all in pink, an innovative way of presenting animals for seals
63. Red Fungi for stamping on clothing with this fun and colorful
64.- Penguin embroidered with pretty daisies chest, uses textures to add realism, perfect for any garment
65.- boat to the sea, with different fabrics and colors to complement the stamp.
66.- Beautiful red car ride with lights and bulbs embroidery threads bright and attractive
67.- embroidered with multicolored Rocket relief to stimulate the imagination of children on your clothes
68. Seal to adhere star-shaped frame with background colors and textures
69.-A cute reindeer (Reh) that looks sweet and earthy tones decorated with hearts fun
70.- Face of smiling reindeer (Rentier) making a small wink in brown and red colors to highlight the figure
71. Seal with central star shaped shield in different colors striking and attractive
72.- Beautiful girl in pink butterfly with spread wings and embroidery details on them
73.- red and blue star with a mixture of fabrics and colors for stamping and personality to clothes
74. A fluffy little sheep, perfect white to capture in pajamas
75.- shield divided into quarters and represented in blue and gray manly with different forms
76.- Funny turtle showing his big smile, embroidered with different shades of green to highlight
78.- multicolor checkered butterfly with wings decorated with a variety of shapes such as hearts and buttons
79.- Snail with shell flower brightly decorated to give a different touch
80. Snowman (Scheneeman) embroidered with attractive scarf and hat.
81.- Beautiful swan embroidered with brightly colored contour feathers for stamping
82.- Funny pig with two textures and embossing to highlight its details
83.- Seahorses in purple and pink, a mixture of realism and animation directly from the marine world.
84.- Lindo sailboat with a combination of vibrant colors in various presentations and materials
Bright 85.- commissioner plate (Sheriff Stern) created with attractive golden threads to make it shine
86.- five-pointed star in several forms and colors, this version in blue and checkered background.
87.- Divertida five star presentation antlers with vibrant blue stitching and red dots to decorate
Star 88.- rounded tips (Pink Karo Stern) pink checkered excellent choice to decorate women’s clothing
Comedian 89.- raccoon expressive eyes and their characteristic colors in a unique, fun and cheerful version.
90.- Cheerful dinosaur, green and jean applications, to give a more attractive style.
91. Tender Bear (Teddy) a creative and sweet version for children and choosing stamp on any material.
92.- Small tractor made of plaid fabric background and edges that highlight the pattern
93. Directly the sylvan woods a brightly colored toucan sweet-looking and cheerful
94.- Creative submarine in many shades, a children’s presentation on a stamp for t
95.- flying in contrasting red and white Saucer, an imaginative and appealing print.
96.- shield-shaped seal (Union Jack) worked with European flag design with a variety of materials.
97.- creating colorful bird with floral prints and hearts in various presentations.
98.- Ave (Vogel Strauss) worked with many materials to the imaginative and unique touch.
99. Blue Bird (Vogel Turkis) in a different pastel shades other in material and workmanship version.
Smiling Whale 100.- Tierna two shades of blue with plaids, a very funny sea creature.
101. Santa Claus (Weihnachtsmann) an excellent seal stamped to bring joy at Christmas time.
102.-Train Children worked on jean fabric and applications for decorating any type of garment.